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What is 8trade

No-code cloud solution that helps you launch
and operate a subscription-based marketplace.
We'll help you set off, stimulate, and run any kind of business, community or an organization that will benefit from having a marketplace.

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Create different types of marketplaces
Horizontal or Vertical marketplace
Horizontal - focus on selling everything. Verticals - focus on one category, mastering It
Open or Close marketplace
Open - all listings are available to the public. Close - everything is exclusively accessible to members
Paid or Free marketplace
Admin have the ability to set custom recurring subscription plans for members. There can be free-access marketplaces as well


Launch your own marketplace using our web solution. Create a category tree, set up basic details, and you are good to go. You decide what is most important to you.

Enable B2B trade

Start onboarding sellers, buyers, merchants, distributors, and manufacturers to your B2B marketplace. Allows them to trade their goods and services. Let your members be matched based on their needs.


We've prepared a set of tools that will help you to manage your marketplace business in one place. Through listings management to all users moderation system. Control membership subscriptions based on Stripe integration. All these fit into a friendly, easy-to-use interface.


You can start monetizing your liquidity in the marketplace. Users will pay you a subscription fee in order to access your marketplace. Marketplace users will get a platform to increase their engagement. This translates to an increase in the volume of sales between them, which eventually creates new business opportunities and sales channels.

Become our early adopter

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Early access to Beta features

Close colaboration with the team

Your business promotion across platform

How you can use 8trade

Empower your business Linkedin or Facebook groups members with a way to network and access the B2B offers that’re important to them. Without unnecessary social media walls noise, give them a web-based platform, accessible anywhere at any time.

Leverage the community potential and conduct more business trade.

Improve outreach by connecting with others using the 8trade network ecosystem, encouraging member networking in a rewarding way that drives business and eventually help closing deals.

Schedule a live demo

You liked what you have just read, but have some questions?

Schedule a non-binding web call with us using our calendar and we will show you benefits that 8trade can give to your organization.

Frequently asked questions

We provide a complete solution to generate your own marketplace alongside with the admin panel to control marketplace users, listings and security features. Everything with a no-code tool so you aren't force to have any technical knowledge.
Schedule an online call with us using our calendar in


section. We will give you an insights regarding the best pricing for your needs. All pricing plans you can find


You can become an incredibly important to the growth of 8trade as you can provide us with your own very valuable insights that'll improve our solution. That's why we want to offer for these kinds of clients a few benefits that will differentiate them from standard clients when our early adopters program will end. When does it end? We don't have any specific date, but surely when we start feeling that it's an appropriate moment.
Having your own trading space based on your own settings increases level of exchanging any goods or services within your organization. Before, businesses had to go through tedious development projects that cost at least $20,000 and up to create your own marketplace. Now you can get fully operating system just within a few clicks. Additionally online marketplaces contribute approx. $1.7 trillion to the economy every year.


values the global B2B ecommerce market at $14.9 billion (over 5 x that of the B2C market).
It is a local organization to protect and promote a community's business interests. Can be local, regional, state, national, or global. Over 13,000 chambers of commerce exist worldwide - each one designed to address the needs of a business within that local community. Goals they strive to achieve: -build communities, -promote those they serve, -outreach to future members, -reduce friction amongst businesses
The answer is simple - no. Everything is based on our cloud solution which is secure and available 24/7.
Yes of course. We will help with setup and then monitoring your marketplace based on your needs.
So basically you can stop paying the subscription fee.
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