We were united by a strong feeling...
The feeling that we can create something valuable, something good that will change (someone's) world. This feeling made us survive all encountered adversities. Today we can confidently say that we have such a solution.
We ignited our ambitions and desire for more. We are united by willingness creating a business in a special way. We have a company vision that grows with customers. A company that cares about the development of each members of our community.
A company that crosses the beaten borders and sets new paths.
Adam Mocarski's team photoAdam Mocarski's funny team photo
Adam Mocarski

Business ∙ Design ∙ Strategy ∙ Marketing ∙ Sales

Experienced as an UI Lead and Product Manager. Defining UI/UX principles in order to achieve the best results. Worked in DeFi and Web3 environment. Worked with Lenovo US. Graduated in Computer Science. Won ETH Lisbon 21 hackathon.

Marek Drozdowski's team photoMarek Drozdowski's funny team photo
Marek Drozdowski

AI ∙ Business ∙ Strategy

Worked at Nvidia, managed fast-prototyping team in US-based startup. Two patent applications in AI industry. Using his analytical skills to evaluate business, scale up and build processes.

Kacper Borowski's team photo
Kacper Borowski

PO ∙ Software

Man from the borderline of business and technology. Experience in design and development of CMS and e-commerce systems. Developed a system handling NGS processes for laboratories that e.g. fight cancer or genomic diseases.

Kornel Kędzierski's team photo
Kornel Kędzierski

Backend ∙ Infra

Backend ninja with over 12 years of commercial experience. Blockchain technology enthusiast.

Wiktor Kuśmierek's team photoWiktor Kuśmierek's funny team photo
Wiktor Kuśmierek

Operations ∙ Sales

Experienced in B2B trading with many years of marketing and office management experience.

Mikołaj Piotrowicz's team photo
Mikołaj Piotrowicz


Former frontend lead in a crypto exchange project that was used by over 500k users every month. Graduated in Computer Science.

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